How it works

Opening September 2019!

This program is different simply because we are committed to only providing professional coaches. That means coaches who have coached and understand how and what it takes to realize your goals because they have been there. Coaching Staff TBA.

Athletes will be led by a staff of current and former Usport Head Coaches on their on-court training days. 

Provided with a training program that is periodized and optimal for strength, injury prevention and skill development.

Students will attend their current school, take a study block or integrated learning course (ie. online classes, such as provided through P.A.C.E). During that break from school athletes will train with Strathcona coaching staff.

Students will be encouraged to enrol in a P.A.C.E. course and receive credit for their respective training hours.

Click here for more P.A.C.E. Courses and information

Our block training schedule will fit almost every students schedule and provide enough travel time to return to school in time for the next block

A Block- 9:00-10:00am

B Block- 10:45-11:45am

C Block- 12-1:00pm

D Block- 2:15-3:15pm

Training schedules are customized to the athletes needs and schedules can range from 1 session to 4 sessions per week.

General Information

All on court sessions will be held at Harry Jerome Sports Centre (7564 Barnet Hwy, Burnaby, BC)

Physical Training locations:  

  • North Shore
  • Burnaby 
  • Kitsilano Vancouver

During months of April, May and June multiple beach volleyball sessions per week will be available.

Multiple sessions available based on position.

For program fee and more information please email:

Kyle Hildebrandt- Head Strength Coach



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