Custom Training Programs

Strathcona Prep is a public sports school and aims to keep costs as low as possible. Therefore pricing reflects only the individuals customized plan. 

Tuition varies from International to local athletes. Contact us today to design your training plan.

Scholarships are available and awarded based on need and/or designated qualifications. 

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Tuition is based upon where the athlete is from and then what options the athlete needs or requires. Fee options include:

  • International student 
  • Out of province (with or without homestay)
  • In province with home stay
  • Local 

There is a basic program fee that includes volleyball training for the year. However, we customize and adjust or add depending on the athletes needs.  Customized items include

  • Private training volleyball 
  • Private training physical
  • Recreation activities
  • Multi sport fees (soccer or basketball can have extra fees)
  • Club Volleyball
  • Beach Club 


Annual scholarship opportunities will be provided to athletes who apply. 

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